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Marietta Drywall Contractors

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Marietta Drywall Contractors - Drywall Finishing

We've been called the best drywall contractor in the Marietta area for years.  Our quality work and reputation for treating our customers with respect have kept us in business for over 12 years.  We support our local town of Marietta while working in the greater Atlanta region.  We work hard to earn the trust of each new customer while continuing to stick to the values and attitudes that our customers have always appreciated.  Integrity and attention to detail are two key values that form the cornerstone of our business, and it shows in our work.  Our drive for excellence keeps us in business and it keeps our customers coming back again and again.  As a full-service drywall contractor, we can handle a variety of residential or commercial drywall services:


    • Drywall Framing
    • Drywall Installation
    • Drywall Repair
    • Drywall Finishing
    • Drywall Texturing
    • Popcorn Ceiling Removal
    • Wallpaper Removal
    • Insulation


You can depend on us to treat your property with the same care we could with our house.  If we wouldn't do it in my house, then we won't do it in yours.  We don't cut corners or use cheap materials that won't last.  We believe that if you're going to do a job, it's worth doing right.  That's one of the things that makes us the best drywall contractor around in the Marietta and greater Atlanta area.


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Why Choose Us?

Once you hire us to take care of your drywall needs, we start by having an experienced professional walk through the project with you so we fully understand your concerns and what you want done. After that, our team will put together a plan to use the right materials in the most efficient manner to make sure the job is done right. We take our time during the design phase so everyone is on the same page and we are sure to achieve exactly what you want done. Written contracts ensure everyone is clear on the scope of work and all details of construction before we ever pick up a tool and begin working, so that you always know exactly what you're getting, with no guesswork. We have the right people with the right equipment and training to efficiently complete your project without cutting corners or leaving any detail unfinished. At every step in the process you'll know what's going on and be assured that the end result will meet with your complete satisfaction. We pride ourselves on our excellent craftsmanship and our amazing customer service to product spectacular results for all our customers. Most of our business is by word-of-mouth advertising, so our success hinges on doing a terrific job on every project we do. If at any point you aren't completely satisfied, bring it to the team leader's attention and we'll rectify it on the spot.

Our Services


Drywall Framing

Do not let a bad design prevent you from having the ability to utilize your place properly. If you would like to include a closet or develop a new space inside your building, then you need a good drywall framer. We can construct using wood or steel framing to create whatever floorplan you want. We comply with all industry standards to produce solid walls so you'll never be able to see they weren't there to start with. Our drywall experts can help you get the floorplan you really desire.


Drywall Installation

Need to finish that attic or that additional space? We can take care of all your drywall installation desires, from a single area to a multi-building facility. We utilize our years of experience and skills to minimize waste material and time so you get the work you need done quickly and efficiently. Our drywall installers make sure to keep up-to-date on the latest tools and materials so we recognize specifically which product is going to work best for your job.


Drywall Finishing

While some parts of drywall are not excessively challenging for the average do-it-yourselfer, drywall finishing is one area better left to a contractor. Drywall finishing is more art than science. A great drywall finisher is going to leave your walls looking like one solid piece, regardless of how many joints there are. It's less expensive to pay somebody to do the work right the in the first place than it is to do it 2 or 3 times before quitting and calling in a professional. We use just the very best drywall finishers in the Atlanta metro area, so we know what it takes to give you an excellent drywall finish.


Drywall Texturing

Had enough of featureless, flat walls? Applying a drywall texture is a great way to show some visual charm to a drywall surface. You can use it to add some panache or to hide minor surface flaws. You may have become aware of knockdown or orange peel textures, but we've got multiple various textures you can choose from to give your wall or ceiling precisely that look you're going for. We can show you a selection of textures to help spruce up your drywall.


Drywall Repair

Drywall damage can result from a wide range of situations, resulting in perforations, dents, cracks, or even water damage. We can repair your drywall damage to make sure that the compromised area looks brand new and is even stronger than it was to start with. We've got the right equipment as well as materials to make your wall repair as affordable as possible. Don't live with damaged walls when we can fix them today. Water damage particularly can become worse in time, since once the drywall paper becomes moist, it can encourage mold spread that can continue to bloom behind your walls and begin to have an effect on your indoor air quality.

take off in the popcorn ceiling home wall texture removal ceiling drywall demolition

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Popcorn ceilings used to be all the rage, however many people currently choose modern flat ceilings. Eliminating popcorn ceilings can be a real annoyance and can produce a large mess, but we have the experience and the right equipment to eliminate those popcorn ceilings while cutting down the mess as well as the trouble. We can remove your popcorn ceilings to provide you an updated look while eliminating all the frustrations typically associated with popcorn removal.


Wallpaper Removal

Getting rid of old wallpaper can be a real pain. We have the very best wallpaper removers around, and we can remove your old wallpaper to give you the modern appearance you want. Whether your existing wallpaper is damaged or just dated, we can get rid of your wallpaper so you've got a nice clean surface to work with. Depending on the type and condition of the wallpaper that's up, we might be able to prepare the surface and install new wallpaper right over the top of it, saving you s lot of time and money.



Insulation is one of those deals that you spend on just once, and it saves you cash every year. The ideal insulation will save you money on your heating and cooling costs, plus decrease sound passing past your walls. Better insulation saves you money in several methods: Besides literally running your heat or A/C much less, saving you electricity or fuel, by maintaining a much more consistent temperature level in your house, your system will cycle on and off less frequently, which will most likely prolong the life of your home heating and cooling systems.

What Our Customers Have To Say


Highly Recommended

These guys know how to treat a customer.  They showed up on time, they walked me through all the details and helped me understand why some decisions needed to be a certain way, and they got the job done.  We ended up with a brand new room that used to be an attic, and it looks terrific.  I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing a room finished.  Best drywall contractor we've ever used, hands down.

Kevin H.



We had several walls with dents and holes and we were worried about how much it would cost to fix the walls.  [company-name] worked with us to make sure our concerns were addressed and made their quote very affordable.  You can't even tell where any of the damage was, and they didn't leave a mess either!  Very pleasant experience hiring them for sheetrock repair.

Susan K.


Top Notch Work

Part of our ceiling collapsed after a roof leak, so we figured it was a good time to remove the popcorn from the rest of the ceiling since it needed to be repaired anyway.  [company-name] was recommended to us by a friend who was very impressed with their work, so we gave them a try.  They did a great job, and I love our new smooth ceiling!  I highly recommend them if you need ceilings repaired.

Anthony V.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   How much does drywall repair cost?

The cost varies depending on the size and complexity of the job, as well as whatever materials are required. A small 2" square repair might cost under $100, while a large water-damaged ceiling repair might cost over $1000. Repairing an entire room that was water-damaged could cost over $3000. Water damage repair can be more expensive than other types if it's been left too long as mold can grow on the backside of any drywall that's had moisture behind it for a while. That's why it's best to repair water damage as soon as possible, before it affects your air quality and your health.

2.   Can you do your own drywall work?

Yes you can, but experience makes all the difference when it comes to the finished quality of any drywall work. An inexperienced drywaller will waste more material and often end up with a weaker surface strength since they don't know the proper ways to brace and lay the drywall. Additionally, drywall finishing is more art than science and can take years to master. Unfortunately, a bad drywall finish job makes the whole job look bad, so most people find a good dryall contractor to do their drywall work. That way you end up with a good durable result that looks like it's just a seamless part of the building instead of an eyesore that can cost you more down the road.

3.   What makes us the best drywall contractor in Marietta?

In a nutshell: Experience, approach, attitude, materials. First, we have decades of experience working with all kinds of drywall, including specialty drywalls like acoustic drywall, so we know which one to use where and how to efficiently use it while maximizing the finished strength of any wall or ceiling. Second, we listen to exactly what you want, then walk you through what we're going to do so everyone's clear and we make sure you're getting exactly what you want. Third, we refuse to cut corners or do any work for a customer that we wouldn't do in our own homes. We have extremely high standards, and we do the job right, every time. Fourth, we only use quality materials so you end up with a durable, long-lasting finished product that will look good for many years. When the job's done, we make sure you're completely satisfied.

More About Us

If you look for "drywall repair near me", you'll likely find a few to select from. The reason why you ought to pick us is that we recognize your side of the job. We understand what it feels like to rely on someone to come in to our property. We honor that trust and display it by completing your project in the outright best means possible. Our client's complete satisfaction is our goal on every job we do. We understand you're going to share with your buddies and neighbors about us, and we use that to help us get to extra customers. The only manner in which that works is if we confirm to you that choosing us is the best decision you can make when picking a sheetrock company. We take the extra time to go over every feature so we know clearly what you really want so we can create precisely that. We don't advise items you do not need, and we don't skip anything you've asked us to handle. Integrity is the core of the way we operate our local business, and you can tell.

We have been called the best drywall contractor around. We've been supporting the local area for over 12 years, and we strive to do a much better job than anyone else around. What do we do better than everybody else? We're happy to tell you! We treat your residential or commercial property as if it was our property. We don't use low quality materials, and we don't cut corners. We do it right the first time, every time.